GrahamGraham Wills

Graham has a Ph.D. from Trinity College Dublin in Statistics and worked at AT&T Bell Labs (later Lucent) as a researcher into visualization and statistics. He joined SPSS in 2001 , which was later acquired by IBM. He has given seminars and talks at vis, stats, comp.sci and graph drawing conferences. He has written many peer-reviewed articles, a monograph titled “Visualizing Time” and currently is associate editor for two international visualization journals. See Graham@Work, Publications

Graham acts mostly in straight dramatic roles with¬†local amateur drama groups, primarily Community Players. He has directed a number of plays and musicals, and has written a small cast version of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. See Graham@Theater

I enjoy board games, roleplaying games and video games. I tend to keep archives of material for the role-playing campaigns in particular. See Games Played, Games Run

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