Ghostriders / Train Trouble

Ghostriders in the Sky

Heading to Planterstown (a small community near the Dirty Devil River in Utah, under the shadow of Mt. Ellen), the party decide to try and capture or kill the Ghostriders, a group of bank-robbers who have left a trail of dead across the region, disappearing into the sky after each raid. Chatting to the townsfolk, they work out that the Ghostriders must be linked to a group of circus folk who came through town a few years back, led by Ignatius P. Higgenbottom, a quite successful inventor. They track him to a valley, and after pausing to plan, they attack the camp, successfully defeating the opponents and winning their reward. Slightly unsettling was the vision two of them had, when they destroyed a tank of vitriol from a good distance, of a gunslinger walking unconcerned in the fire as they departed. However, the governments of Utah and Colorado pay the $5,000 bounty, assuaging any lingering discomfort.

Train Trouble

The Texas Rangers send orders to the team to travel to just north of Boise, Idaho to the town of Paradise, where they are to render “all necessary assistance” to a member of the Confederacy who has inherited a mine in the area and fears ill deeds. The train ride is uneventful.


A runaway rain, two dozen bandits and a Mohave Rattler later, the party is planning how to get a satchel of cursed silver to an Indian shaman to be cleansed. Anthony Sackersum, the silver’s owner, used it today for the murder of a local tribe, and then poisoned the murders. The curse laid on it by the last surviving tribe member was: “Two tribes died for this metal; I curse it with the power of the gods of my land. Evil will follow it — dogs in the morning, worms in the afternoon and the white man devil at night.

A six mile ride should see the party safely across the river, where the rattlers cannot get them, and then a short trip to the local shaman.