The Weird West: Campaign Kickoff


Overall, it looks like TUESDAY EVENINGS are the best bet, and we will plan to play on the FIRST and THIRD of every month. I believe no-one has an ongoing issue with that — let me know asap if I’m wrong! So our first two days are JUNE 5 and JUNE 19. Let’s shoot for a 7:15pm start time, planning to wrap up around 10:30ish. We will roll up characters, using random card draw, the first night.

If you cannot make a session, let me know as soon as possible, and I’ll let one of our alternates know space is available

Game Notes

I’ve had a request or two for the background story of how the Weird West differs from ours. You do not need to know this information, but if you are interested, then Pinnacle has published a quick guide in the form of a newspaper article from theĀ Epitaph

Ghostriders in the Sky

The date is Summer, 1875. You are a rag-tag bunch of adventurous types recruited by the Texas Rangers to investigate and handle unusual situations. However, at the moment you are free from any requirements and have decided to do some free lancing and earn some side cash. The states of Utah and Colorado are offering $5000 for the capture of some two-bit gang. So off you head to Planterstown to do a little justice-dealing and earn some cash.

Should be easy.