Mass Effect: Ellie’s Journal, part 2

I spent the most boring 20 hours of my life just starting at a wall on some desert planet. I’m not sure why. It was like some force that controlled me had just wandered off to do other things, leaving me incapable of action. Then suddenly, POW — I’m off to shoot things and track down Saren.

I learned how to use shotguns today, and oh I am so happy. Run up to the bad guys and BLAM, no more bad guy. Spent a happy while maxing out my shotgun ability, then worked on my barrier so I could run up to bad guys more easily, while being as charming as possible. All was good. Then I ran into a pack of krogans.

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So, it turns out that I kind of neglected a bit of training I probably shouldn’t have. There I am, wandering around tunnels on a strange planet (containing a giant, mind-controlling squid, as it turns it) and I find a pack of armored regenerating krogans who treat my faithful sidekicks as speed bumps, take a couple of maximally massacring shotguns in stride, and proceed to shred me. I reflect on the fact that maybe I should have put any training  at all into armor, rather than running around with light armor and one shield. I reflect on it quite a lot over the next hour. Eventually I take out the krogans with a careful assault consisting of throwing in grenades, shooting the first one rounding the corner, throwing the next one back into the grenade and then sending my trusty sidekicks into the fray so I can run away and hide while my powers regenerate, then return, stepping over their unconscious bodies and repeat the process to take out the last krogans. Then I spend the next good while getting enough training so I can wear medium armor.

I got a showdown with Saren just a short while ago, but he jumped on a flying disk thing and escaped just as I had him. His assault team had killed Kaidan (I had to choose between him and Ashley and think I might have been just a  bit too quick to pick Kaidan to fall in battle. I should have pretended it was a harder decision). Had a chat with Ashley afterwards; she believes in God, is a kick-ass fighter (with fully upgraded armor) and I really, really like her. However, she’s not into me. Liara T’Soni, on the other hand, starts talking to me out of the blue about how her species likes to mate with anyone, and she’s intrigued by me, and …. hey, slow down girl. You’re only 105 which is basically cradle-snatching for your species. Take a cold shower.

So, standing at my galactic map, wondering where to go next. There’s a clear main lead I could follow, but also I might check out some of these other minor points. So long as it isn’t a stupid planet full of monkeys exactly one of which has the transponder I need. Not doing that again, ever.