Top 100 Songs

By a process of much playing, adding, removing, re-playing, comparing and generally messing around, I came up with a playlist of my favorite songs. And, being a statistician who makes a lot of visualizations, the next step was clearly to make pictures fo the results ... so here they are!

The first chart show song titles colored by genre and sized by their score (100 is the score of the number one ranked score). This word cloud puts the most important songs in the center, but some smaller ones can fill in the gaps.

song titles

These three charts show show summary information. The bubble chart sums up the scores for all the artists, showing it as color, with the size being the total number of songs in my top 100. To no-one's great surprise Kate Bush dominates, with Mumford and Sons, Dylan, Bowie, and The Eels all nearby. Imagine Dragons does well with a high score despite only appearing twice in the list, as both Radioactive and Demons score very highly. The Beatles appear pretty often, but don't make the very top of my favorites any more. Note that you can hover over this chart to see details, as you can in most charts.

The two pie charts show breakdowns of counts by music genre and type of artist


I seem to like a lot of covers; so here is an interactive network map of all the covers. You can drag the artists around to make the view clearer, and tooltips will show the song that was covered if you hover over the linking arrow. Tears for Fears is unique in being the only band with a cover, but no original song in my top 100. Simon and Garfunkel come close, with only one original (Homeward Bound) and four covered songs.


Looking at the songs by release date we see a strong lack of early 80's songs, with 1985 until the present pretty uniformly represented. 2015-2020 is only half the size because, well, we're only halfway through it. The chart on the right shows there hasn't been much of a trend on average rating by year (a smoothed linear regression -- LOESS -- provides the summary line for any statistical geeks reading). Maybe a little evidence that 1995 was a low point, with things getting better since.

by time

Finally, here are all the songs, broken down by genre and artists type, sorted and colored by rank: