Zockwocket: Gnome Alchemist / Mystic Theurge


Zock is somewhat small for a gnome, but not remarkably so, and generally does not tend to make much of an immediate impact. Delighting in company, good food and wine, attractive members of the opposite gender and most particularly long hot baths, people often wonder why Zock adventures at all. The reasons are probably to do with the desire to discover more fun things, to seek out new and interesting people and to earn enough money to retire in style. Zock, however, as a follower of Garl Glittergold, desires to be a force for good, especiallay in protecting those who need it. The preferred way of protecting people, is, of course, to trick and embarrass enemies. Truly evil creatures, however, are to be removed form this plan of existance. Zock hopes that somehow they may learn new ways of living in the other realms and return as more enlightened races. He doesn't speak of this likely heresy to many others though.

"A sense of humor is an important thing for anyone to cultivate, regardless of their hardships. The inhabitants of a community ought to cooperate for the greater good. Pranks are a sacrament. Authority figures shouldn't take themselves too seriously. The tales and jokes of the gnomish people should be preserved, but change should not be feared."


Zockwocket was born to the influential Wocket clan of the Kron hills fifty years ago. As usual, his mother gave him his name and his first pet, the badger Turalwocket, who was his pet througout early childhood. Zock began school at age thirt and initially studied alchemy, history, mathematics, reading and writing. Although it was immediately clear that he excelled in alchemy, he was not pushed into that as a career as Gnomes believe that pushing a child into a particular interest or vocation may be damaging to the childÂ’s nature causing unhappy or introverted children. Gnomes are encouraged to explore all of their interests as they come, and so his interst in both religion and arcane magic was encouraged. For his final three years of school he studied to be a priest of Glittergold, winnign his gold belt, but also took time to investigate and prepare a firm foundation in the arcane arts.

Upon completion of schooling, Zockwocket offered his Final Showing. The project consisted of a complicated mix of alchemical and theological affects designed to induce a state of mental suspectibility to enchantements. His test subject was subjected to an hour of theological discussion while drinking specially prepared alcoholic drinks, and then proved abnormally subject to enchantment influences. Nine mentors in several fields judged this Final Showing. All nine judged the Final Showing project strongly positively, enabling the gnome to qualify for a Certification test. Certification was a stressful 6-hour long process, involving again facing the nine mentors from their Final Showing alone. This time, the mentors posed numerous questions designed to test the limits of their knowledge. Zock passed with flying colors, the remaining eight examiners decidign that since their colleague was unable to be convinced that he was NOT a bird, should be considered as a strong vote for the effectiveness of Zock's methods.

Zock then spent a little time in the Kron Hills tarining as a priest and then a wizard, before heading out into the outer world to seek adventure. He found it.

Detailed info

Character sheet @ 8th level: Cleric 3 / Wizard 3 / Mystic Theurge 2.

Equipment with locations.

Wocket's Wonderful Wagon spell and wagon.

House in Hochoch.

The Mystic Theurge is a core D&D class. It is not the most pwerful class in the world, as Andy Collins explains, but it is fun.

An alchemist essentially is a character who has the Craft: Alchemy skill. It's pretty much just a fluff skill, as D&D 3.5 doen't have alchemical items scale with level at all, so there's really no use for it in-game.

The Gnome is a fun race. If you are not a strength-based class, then the +2 to con always helps, and the extra stuff is also fun. Not a bad class for mystic theurge, although human is probably better game-wise.