Hiatus Valde Deflendus

   Hiatus Valde Deflendus is an ongoing roleplaying campaign set in a unique universe. It uses both the Everway and Rolemaster systems; the former for playing extremely high-level characters who create the world (aka "gods") and the latter for a group of characters who start on a small, insignificant island far away from anywhere. The high-level campaign starts shortly after the initial, botched creation of the world. The low-level campaign takes place a long time after, when the world is mature.

   This is the main campaign page; it contains both an ongoing campaign history and a set of resources for my players; visitors may use whatever they wish in their personal campaigns, but may not charge for their use or publish them on the web or otherwise without permission.




The World

Obviously a sailor's map, this large map has been annotated with some trade details

The Imperial Lands

A basic map showing only the provinces and major geographic features

Hideo Province

Good quality map showing towns, fortifications and roads as well as basic geography

Korimina and Torath

Well-detailed map found in a history text. May be a little out of date