Grognolozo is my main Everquest character, a gnome wizard who can often be found grilling a steak or baking some cookies while waiting for mana to return so he can zap a nasty or two in his vicinity. He is a member of the Tuatha de Draiocht guild.


Groggy grew up in Ak Anon and the surrounding Steamfont mountains, where he enjoyed the comforts of solid stone around him and pleasant clicking sounds in every direction from the mechanicals of his home city. After completing some jobs for the local authorities (fixing telescopes and errant clockworks, delivering documents, collecting infected rat livers and so on), he concentrated on improving his overall skills and killing local pumas, minotaurs and skeletons.

After a flurry of travelling and exploration, Groggy settled on the Oasis of Marr as a hunting ground and stayed there for a long while, eventually leaving on reaching level 20. With the benefit of personal gate spells, he again went wandering around the world and seeing interestting people and places. When he was ready to make the next push for a few more levels, he headed for the Southern Karana Plains. To be honest, he was not entirely happy there -- it's way too flat and open and the only decent habitation has an unpleasantly aggresive group of gnolls in it. But it has a nice supply of aviaks waiting to be killed and when he gets tired, he could always gate off to somewhere more scenic with walls, ceilings and other such pleasant, civilized features.

As a mid-level character, Grognolozo can be seen wandering around the face of Norrath, visiting continents to say hi to a friend, or to get just the right ingredient. With no current preferred hunting ground, he is a gnome without a home, just looking out for a good time.


Gnomes are a muchly under-appreciated race. A gnome combines rugged, timeless, good looks with dexterity and a highly intelligent mind. As a perfect-height race, they do not clutter up the landscape as other, over-tall, races tend to. Even their buildings do not intrude into the vast and formless void known as 'overground' and 'the sky'.

Being near a gnome can be a somewhat daunting experience. A gnome wizard packs the highest damage to weight ratio of any class/race combination in EQ, and it's easy to feel cowed by what's commonly called 'Gnome Mojo'. Don't worry. Other races have their advantages, too. They can detect rain earlier and ... umm ... see over things well and ... errr ... dust ceilings. Lots of good things.

However, gnomes are also modest by nature. They don't go on about their clear advantages in-game. Those who know, know.


Groggy is an enthusiastic baker and griller. He carries his spit and mixing bowl around with him, so that no matter where he is, he can rustle up a quick lion steak, meat pie, batch of gnome-shaped cookies or the occasional chocolate chip cookie. He mastered baking a while ago and is not working very hard on improving his skills; just using them. If you want something baked for a party/wedding or other event, let him know.

Groggy has also mastered pottery as a useful art to help his baking. Now he is able to make his own pie tins, cake rounds, skewers and cookie cutters for his real art. He's looked at some of the more complex pottery creations and may one day give his skill a boost to try and get some of them made, but for the moment, he is too busy with ....

... Spell Research. Although maybe busy is a poor choice of word, as he is spending as much time earning cash to buy practice components as he is actually practising. He's not a rich little gnome, so progress is quite slow. Ah well. He has managed to make several research spelsl, and is trying to be concientious about improving his skill every time be hits a new level, but it's not the easiest skill in the world. Ah well. Sooner or later.

Favorite ...
  • Combat spell: Bonds of Force
  • Fun spell: Bind Sight
  • Escape spell: Gate
  • Zone: Echo Caverns
  • City: Freeport (for the shopping)
  • City not to be in: Kelethin
  • Monster to fight: Underbulks
  • Healthy food: Lion steaks
  • Junk food: Gnome-shaped cookies
  • Trade skill: Baking
  • Class to group with: Bard
  • Weapon: Dagger
  • Gem: Jasper
  • Ingredient: Brownie Parts
  • Way to Die: Zoning out from Crystal Caverns into high-level trains from nearby zone