File 192-899-RLY-88 (comm) Ellé deVranion



I am on some kind of awful transport thing (no baths, of course!) heading to a planet called Brentaal. No thanks to Verluun, who had me sent to some sort of planet with a financial crisis or something. Anyway, you could not find a decent drink of Tihaar anywhere on the planet (yes I am seventeen, so yes I can drink it if I like. You said I was meant to be "getting an experience of the galaxy", so I am) and so I had to leave. Also the travel people said it wasn't safe and after I kind of accidentally used a little bit of a force surge to get to the front of a crowd at a shopping mall, people started looking at me funny so I remembered you telling that when the going gets tough, the educated classes leave. So I did.



Guess what! I found a Jedi. And he's not as stuck up, stupid, arrogant, bigoted and ugly as you said they are. Anyway, he's agreed to teach me a little bit about the force since I can already do some stuff. I didn't tell him everything about the Jensaarai way, but since we share most of the same traditions (he even gave me the same long speeches about protecting peace and justice that you give me every week or so. Yes you do. Ask Mummy) we got on OK. I got a lightsaber (nine moons cool to the Nth!) but instead of learning any of the Jedi talents I practised my armor attunement. I think I'll be good to go when I finally can afford some armor. Hint hint. Sigh.

The Jedi is called Adam. I won't tell you his second name since you'd only look him up and send me a nasty note warning me about him so there. I have also found a pair of Duros, VanCor and Mando, a Zabrak named Paagh and Dorn, a soldier. He's telling me about armor which apparently I'll have to buy since it seems you were serious about this whole "no handouts" thing. Speaking of which, I have a job! I'm delivering frozen people to their employers. It's more dangerous than delivering pizza maybe, but it must pay better! I'm sending you this message from a public terminal so I cannot say where we are going, but it should be fun. Anyway, we're off to grab this carbonite guy. Should be nice and easy.

Oh, I almost forgot. I got in fight with some stormtroopers and then another with a bunch of thugs. Yay for Jesaari training. It all happened really fast and I can't remember exactly what happened, but I didn't even get scratched. Paagh got dinged, but not badly.



I am so not amused by you laughing at me getting a job. As it turns out I am working for Bail Organa, so there! Not just any riff-raff employer either. He even sent out a ship just to collect me (and the frozen guy too I guess. Oh and my friends). My force powers are coming on REALLY REALLY well. We needed to take out some Imperial scummy people, and one guy had some gnarly heavy weaponry mounted on a sled, so I decided to call on the dark side and charge him. Woohoo -- down the slagchucker went. I used the lightsaber I now have to take him out like the cute red-headed killing machine I am! I guess to be fair actually someone else took him down, but with dark rage flowing through me, I had seriously given him a way bad day. On my way to Bail's place now. Real baths. Mmmmm. Can't wait.

Oh, since you said to let you know any important info, the crime lord 'droid said the empire was sealing off the deep core -- making some sort of security zone. Maybe important when re-negotiating that supply contract, huh?


Daddy dearest,

OK, OK, I was a little too excited by the dark rage thing. Yes I promise not to use to much. Yes I understand the need for balance. No, I don't need another THREE HOUR lecture. Really. Really. Really!

Anyway, Bail is super-nice. His palace is high-swoosh-nine too. Totally. Onyx baths, multi-programmatic scent sprays and I have to find out who programs his tailor 'droids. One would make a class-one eighteenth birthday present (hint). I'm still working for him. This time we're off to some sort of swamp world to free an imperial admiral who has realized what kind of loathsome, scummy, icky, common freeloaders the imperials are. He's called Gildor Varth (I think. I wasn't really paying attention. Did you know Bail has a wicked cute little goatee beard? He looks kinda dashing considering he's so old) and we're off to this swamp place to free him. Felucia, that's where we're going. I bought some very nice blue high-leg wampa-hide boots to impress to planet locals when we arrive. I will look totally stylish.



It's AWFUL. They should ban swamp planets. Or warn people properly about them. Or build bridges or something. My boots are ruined (some sort of acid pool I accidentally stepped in). I had to dodge exploding mushrooms, razor mushrooms and my friends found some kind of pit trap mushroom. And there are bugs everywhere. Then, when I would have KILLED for even a cell shower, we end up in a village full of, like, total aboriginals. But I remembered what you said about all people being equals (except jedi and imperials and Uncle Agrak) and I spent eight hours curing some of their kids of some virus they had all picked up. Talk about ewwww. Stinky sick kids in a village full of insects and smells and SWAMP. Anyway, I think that should help balance the dark side part of the force and we don't have to say anyting more about it .The others talked to some locals and had dinner and lazed around while I working. Then we had to chase some stormtroopers on speeder bikes by riding some local giant bird things. Kinda fun actually, except we got a bit beaten up by their bike cannons. Back at village now (smells, kids, insects, no showers). Don't know when this will get retransmitted. Very tired. Sore butt too from being bounced on the bird things. I'd rather be stuck in the moons of Yavin than this piece of slimy mud.



Wheeeeee! We rescued Admiral Varth, who is really not so bad looking for an ex-empire guy. He almost pulls off looking good in black, which is not easy as it's so draining to look at all the time. He might look better in Alderaan azure, maybe accented with gold foil weave like Sheea-sheea used to make (remember her -- was the one with the son who tried to get into that ultra-important research team and ended up being rejected because of his connection with the guy who snuck in on that freighter last year and ended up being arrested for sedition or something like and then escaped by taking Ched Nextaar hostage and stealing his auto-yacht and heading out to the Yebtil system (or at least that's what the police reported, but I personally think that he was throwing them off his scent. I mean, if you were on the run, would you head to Yebtil? Exactly.)) Oops. I think two parentheses means that last sentence needs reworking. If you end up reading this it's because I was too tired from a very hard day's work freeing Admiral V to fix it up, which honestly is pretty likely given that I haven't even unpacked into my nice new 3 meter by 7 meter quarters, which I think is the largest room apart from the palace that I've had to call my own for a while, and my clothes are just screaming out at me to be hung up properly, especially the party dress from my 16th, which still is the coolest thing ever.

As far as the rescue went, we were so cool an ice moon would be jealous. We snuck in, kicked serious stormtrooper butt, rescued V and some assorted prisoners and escaped on our ship. I've put on half a kilo, but my clothes still fit so I think its just fat turning to muscle, 'cos I'm learning to be a soldier from the guys on the station. They are REALLY keen to teach me (can you blame them?) and I've only had to force throw, like, one of them into a wall far for developing Wandering Hand Syndrome. I've bought a nice starter suit of armor and am going to spend tomorrow attuning it, after which I will have SERIOUS DEFENSIVE MOJO.