File 192-900-RLY-88 (comm) Ellé deVranion



I am like 100% totally serious about being a soldier! It's not all about dragging heavy things through mud and marching. The modern army is all about leadership and using your brain and snappy uniforms. So there is no point trying to change my mind. I am going to train to be a soldier and I'm going to officer training school and that's it. End of story. Channel closed and holo off.

ANYWAY, we're back at home base and getting debriefed on our recent mission. Obviously we were way cool and ultimately prime, and our info on Sabacc was grade-1 so high-fives all round. We got a few days R&R -- long baths and a chance to put on decent clothing again. Can you believe that no-one on this whole ship has any idea how to work with Lashaa silk? I needed to let out a little shoulder room and had to order a whole new program for the uniform 'droid. Unbelievable.

YEAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! At last! We're finally off to somewhere NICE. Somewhere where they have shoe shops, and ice, and bell-boys and other basics of civilization. It's Bespin. Apparently Darga is going to do some kind of deal there and we're off to stop his icky plans.


Dear Father,

Everything is going very well today, except that I cannot speak as openly as I'd like because I have to find some kind of secure connection. Anyway I am sending this to you from the depths of a perfectly heated ripple bath made of onyx with gold accents in one of the main rooms of the Yerith Bespin (look it up! it's perfect sabacc plus!). I have a friend in here with me who's sleeping right now. I'll call him 'BK' in this message. We ran into him in the streets and had a slightly messy accident. We also met a couple of Ugnaughts who gave us information on The Icky Person For Whom We Are looking. There is an exciting Sabacc tournament going on and I've wangled an invite from Koroma Moro to get into the upper class sessions; my friends will be working in security and waiting tables. Ha!

Apparently the Icky Person has a friend playing in the tournament, so we will be keeping a look out for him and hoping he will do as well as he deserves to. If we can help the sitation in any way, we will. Oh ... just got a call from Switch, our friend with connections - maybe I can get a better line through his comms. Later!



Yup. "Switched" to a better line. BK is Baron Kithriss, who's an imperial noble, but, like, really easy on the eye. We spotted him in the hotel and followed him, but he sent some bucket-heads after us. I was kinda hanging behind a little, and when I caught up I sorta critically shot him in the head. Ooops. Anyway, he was only mostly dead, and I was able to bring him back, although his face is a bit icky looking. Anyway, we got his hotel key and stuff and took over his room. We're keeping him doped up in the toilet which is a bit weird when I have go use the facilities and shower, but the room's paid up so AT LAST -- we are living a normal, everyday lifestyle and no longer roughing it. Our new exciting plan is to hang around in the hotel and keep frosty until his terminal lights up and gives us the info on how the deal is going down.



Woohoo, we are back in action. At the Sabacc tournament and waiting for the deal to go over. The others are all doing working things like security; Koroma got me into the guest area so I've been prepping all day for it; nails polished, hair trimmed and styled, lightsaber and blaster cleaned and power cells checked. The usual. We had a minor tussle with some local law enforcement (we think the Icky set us up) and found out that Koroma (who looks really dishy in his new black/sapphire suit) is being sponsored by Switch. We've been helping him do well, but so far little need as he is clever as well as cute! I am so getting his holo-address.



Excitment all over. But it got almost as hot as yours truly! First we had a Rhodian try to cheat his way through the tournment -- one of the team doing security spotted him and had him ejected. Then Koromo started gettng in trouble, but a couple of us managed to 'improve' one of the dealer 'droids software in his favor. Switch promised us a hunk of cash if we won and since apparently I am ALL ALONE in the world as far as needing to get cash for BASIC subsistence is concerned, I really want Moro to win. Plus he has such a sweet smile when he does well!

Anyway, the players were down to the last table, and Lieut. Arandis (TOTALLY an imperial goon), who had been playing well most of the time, made an obvious big loss to Lady Mirana Fioro, so we pinned her as Darga's goon. The Banshee also called us to let us know imperial chatter had hit a new high. We all go, like, totally alert and plan to do some personal talking with Lady F. so we can find out where his High Ickiness is. But then this Draver guy (total loser at Sabacc) goes all wookie and starts attacking everyone -- the Sabacc dealer 'droids start pulling out guns and firing on people and Team Ellé move in to protect Koroma (oh, I forgot to mention he won, so we are skyblue happy!) and take out the bad guys. Arandis gets killed (no tears there) and Lady F. gets hurt, but we save her. She admits she's not really nobility (HA! Knew it! Sorta.) and gives us Darga's loc. Zoomy-zoom. Off we go (but not before I get Koroma's personal contact number)

We then kack the Hutt, but sadly have no time for a victory dance as the imperials had started a Tibanna gas hauler on a course to crash into the slave ship and kill everyone onboard. So we take the Banshee and steal some Z-95 starfighters as well as Darga's ship. It's a nice little custom-built SoroSuub Luxury 3000 space yacht. Not exactly in great repair, but I'm thinking that if we sell the Z-95s we should have capital for a little re-fitting. Maybe some white leather and pastel colors for basics, silk curtains, some nice early empire reproductions and, of course, MUCH BETTER showers and facilities.

It has good weapons, which is cool, since we are like, totally attacked on our way out to help and only just manage to get through to orbit. Out in the atmosphere our semi-hosed ships look no match for the imperial presence, so all we could do was get the slave circuits to jump the slave ship out to hyperspace. Only JUST managed it too ...

So ... back on Resurgence again. Things seem to be settling down so maybe we can all just chll out for a while. Actually a rest might be nice. It's been, like, really really REALLY hectic for the last coupla months. I wouldn't mind a chance to relax a bit and maybe just, I dunno, watch a few holovids and go clubbing with some of the girls in the crew.