File 192-900-RLY-89 (comm) Ellé deVranion



At last!!!!!!!! New mission time. It's been, like, over a YEAR since I've seen some action (not counting with Koroma, which I know you like SO wanted to hear) and I was running out of ways to redo my hair and rebuild our ship (I'm still looking for a cheap supply of Kuprian Leather -- if you know anyone, hint, hint). Anyway, so we have a cool new mission. Well, actually, it kinda lame really. Remember that really old jedi woman we picked up at Darga's? Well it turns out she is some kind of hot-shot ancient jedi master thinggy. All I-sense-it-in-the-force-y and the-ancient-masters-will-reveal-the-way-y. Total snoozetime. Anyways, she had a force vision thing. Surprisingly it did not say "hey, get a life miss boring", but instead "send someone of the the ruins of an ancient destroyed jedi temple to go get some sort of jedi mind cube". Apparently it contains the spirits of even older and MORE boring jedi than her which will guide us in the way of being old and boring. Be still my beating heart.

So, after taking out 0.0000000001 seconds to recover from the excitement of the plan, we're loading up and heading out. I brought a good supply of holovids with me so at least I will have some fun. I can't imagine there will be anyone at this dead jedi place. If I were a stormtrooper (which I am not - although the white armored suit will look good on me (what doesn't?), the helmet is so last decade. Ick) I'd leave the place to rot away. Dead jedi stuff? Like who cares?



Bored. Bored. Bord. Bored. Bored.

Remember my last transmit? Like how I expected the place to be totally dead and uninhabited and as boring as possible? Well color me wrong!!!. It turned out to be not-quite dead, inhabited by complete MORONS and worse than boring. There are these semi-sentient things on the surface -- not exactly sure what they are and sub-zero interest in finding out. They were called 'squibs' or something, and have a pathetic garbage-collecting existence. They had this dud holocron (that's the jedi mind thing we're supposed to go find) and copies of The Squib Jedi Series -- some sort of way lame vidbook series and get really, really excited by bright lights. Anyway, we played nicely with them and tomorrow we're going down into the ruined jedi temple place to search crumbly old dead ruins and generally be bored all day. Sooner we're off this fun-forsaken place the better.

Oh, we also zoomed in past a pirate in a really hyped up red-painted ship - "Red Jack" or something was his name, and we found an old 'droid called 7A who was about as helpful as you'd expect a beat-up protocol 'droid who last served boring jedi guys and is now stuck with squibs. Yeah.



Totally miss you. Can you send me some sort of happy picture? Like a big smile or something. Feeling kinda freaky and stuff. Had to do this mission thing finding jedi stuff in an old jedi temple and I kinda thought it'd be easy as beating a wookie at tri-chess. Turns out there was stuff waiting for us. Icky, Ellé-eating stuff. Icky, dead, weird-as-all-freakout Ellé-eating stuff that was all over the place, wouldn't go down easily and didn't listen to reason. The guys say there was some sort of imperial inquisitor force-using guy too, but I didn't see him. Also something bigger than the other giant lizard/rancor/whatever thing. The one in the cave. Oh wait. I didn't tell you about him yet. They didn't fight him. The second one. The first one was the one that nearly killed me.

Ooookay. From the top. We went into the temple, slipped past some pool that seemed a bit dangerous and the the force-senses started going all tingly and whacked out. Ixnay on the Orcefay-Ensitivesay. We started proceeding cautiously (I took out my earphones and started paying attention). The jedi temple looked like it was once pretty sweet; nice layout and good lines. We started wandering around the top level -- found some engineering stuff, supplies and dead guys. Surprise! The deaders attacked us! They should put warning labels on places like this: "Warning: Funky ancient jedi temples may cause spontaneous reanimation of dead creatures". Anyway, after a few bouts of them, we're were all hurting and tired. I called a team break, we scouted out a library and archive place and decided to rest up before heading down to level two. Vancor ran a power re-route so we could power up the level and I did some surgery on the most beat-up people.

Day the next: Another level, another set of dead people, this time with live nasties -- some sort of cult or something? They may have called themselves "The Believers", which sort of sounds like an old 300s boy band more than a cult. We also found some floaty mind-creatures who seemed scary, but went down fast in blaster fire. And the thing. Yeah.

So the thing was scary. There was this mist that Adam, or pet jedi, fell asleep in and had fun dreams (not that kind of fun, Korry -- keep your mind up out of the sublevels, huh?). We sent him back in to see if he could learn anything from the dreams a second time, but it turns out that was A Bad Plan. We did eventually wake him up. That was when the claws came round the door and attacked us -- frakking ripping us apart. I though they were some kind of mental projection thing from the floaty mid-creatures, but apparently not. Anyway we run, fight more little bad stuff and then run into some sort of force-using ripper-demon thing (someone told me the name, but I forgot it. Apparently it's extinct and no-one told it). Adam and me then made a PLAN. It was a good plan and IT WORKED!!!!!!! Really. I ran into the room and force-pushed it against the far wall. Adam went all force-grippy on it (I still can't believe jedi are allowed do that..) and we shot at it. We then found it was like, totally resistant to blasters and so I had to go swing my sweet new lightsaber at it. It took a while, but eventually went down. Go team Ellé! We tried freeing a prisoner guy who was apparently a failed jedi. I told him not to be so weepy and that failed jedi were OK by me, but the dude was SO down and lacking in groove. Could not convince him to do anything to help us so we left Mando trying to open his cage while he whined.

Mr. Needs-to-so-get-over-himself told us that Draco (imperial inquisitor guy we said hi to off Bespin) was in the building and probably had our jedi holocron thinggy, so, beat up as we were, we went off to find him. This was where life went bad and nearly ended for yours truly (which would have been a TOTAL loss to the world as well as personally upsetting). We found a tunnel and fought some minor nasties and before we could do ANYTHING like ... stop bleeding or WHATEVER ... The big clawed lizard thing attacks us. Bigger than a bull rancor, nearly immune to blasters, knocking us down with a single hit. Adam lasted one or two rounds -- we threw spare lightsabers to the other guys as their guns were as useless as a comb at a wookie dinner party. I went down then and only the last trace of force energy in my body kept me alive. I woke up a few minutes later (Adam stayed comatose) and the guys had done it. I was so surprised to find myself still alive I nearly cried. But I am a LEADER. And LEADERS do not sniffle. So I spent the next few hours patching up the crew with surgery as medpacs were of no more use on our injuries. I didn't have enough time to do much for myself (the earth was moving all over the place. Wish you were there *smiles*) and I was like, only just above dead with no connection left to the force at all. So I kinda ... well ... stayed behind while the rest went on. No, not exactly proud of that, but I was REALLY, REALLY sore, and didn't want to die in some stupid jedi temple and the big clawy thing was totally scary and ... and THIS WASN'T FUN and can we go back to the boring again?

So, about an hour later I've just finished freeing the prisoner guy when the place starts shaking. As I head to where our team went into the tunnels out come four stormtroopers running for the exit, followed rapidly by our guys. We all do the running thing and I yell at the stormtroopers that if they so much as TRY to close a door behind us to lock us in, I'll strangle them with their own naughty bits. One of the hutt-spawn damn well DID shut a door on us. I was so furious that when we caught up with them, I kinda followed through on my promise. It was a little messy. OK. A lot messy. But the piece of rankweed deserved it. Anyway I'm still all freaked out and that jedi temple place got totally on my nerves with its weird evil force presence, mind creatures, dead things walking and all that. Send me happy thoughts PLEEEZE and I'm off to clean the blood off my kit, take a sleepy pill and hit the sack. Love you and see you soon!



House deVranion is, like, totally interstellar now. I have established a number of contact routes through the resistance lines and have started information broking and running materials through imperial lines. As you suggested I have been paying off some leaders to divert the odd mission and allow my people to make drops in the right places. Nothing dangerous to the resistance of course -- in fact, they get bonus info from my network and I keep the boys supplied with difficult to find necessities. So far, on the money side, we're still running at a loss, but the projections are good.

Oh, the jedi temple thing was boring. We went in, got the holocron and left. Nothing happened.