File 192-900-RLY-88 (comm) Ellé deVranion

<deVranion-001-secur7-000001-ELL-authconf015+212+001-&-trans-High Galactic>

Baron Cantral deVranion,

It is with great pleasure that I announce the formal opening of a new secure holochannel relay through which communication with your totally clever and most dutiful daughter may be achieved in the future. Please relay my most serene thanks to your august cousin, Earl Tarathiel, for the assistance with the routing, and assure him that I have utmost confidence in the discretion of the interior relay node Switch for which I shall personally vouch. Please convey to the rest of the family and our friends my heartfelt gratitude at their messages of congratulations on the assumption of my autonomy within the family at this, my eighteenth birthday. Their sentiments warm my heart and reduce the many parsecs that separate us. I return their statements of affection and hope one day to demonstrate my thanks personally.

    -- Lady Ellé Hapsitate deVranion



Was that better? Formal enough for you? Seriously, though, I really really REALLY am grateful for getting this line set up. As I told you last month, It looks like I am going to be away from home for a good bit, and so have been setting up as a separate entity. The relay helps a ton, and is seriously as good a present as any dress. Although the one from Mum was awesome. You should have seen Koroma's eyes, like, widen 50 percent when he saw it. I've been practicing quick-drawing my lightsaber or holdout blaster out of the hidden sections in it. It is amazing.

So, news. Well, I've completed my basic soldier training and have finally got the armor thing working where I don't have to choose beween dodging shots and letting the armor work. It took work, but I have the knack of dodging while letting good shots glance off, so the armor is at about half effectiveness on top of my natural ability. I've also been focusing on using the force and feel pretty well as good at that as I can get. AND I read that whole letter and article you sent me trying to persuade me that soldiering is not for me. Koroma is on your side, if that helps. He thinks I'd do better organizing people through underworld contacts. I admit that it is tempting. I'll think about it. I promise.



No, I still haven't decided if I'm going into Officer training or if I'm going to make a real go of the whole "House deVranion Underworld" thing. When I'm with Koroma I think the underworld thing will work out best, but when Davis looks at me with his black-as-space eyes and asks if I've sent in my forms yet as he has a friend who can make sure we end up in the same class, I think officer is where I really should be. And no, I know what you're thinking and it's not JUST that I can't decide who I really prefer. With all respect, you are, like, totally old and a guy, so you basically have no idea.

The repairs and refitting on the yacht are coming along well. The rest of Team Ellé talked me out of the double luxury upgrade. I guess armor and weapons really are a better plan. Speaking of armor, I used my connections within the resistance to snag a suit of battle armor and have attuned it. I'm moving really slow in it now and it weighs a ton, but that should make Mum feel happier. Jensaarai-attuned battle armor plus improved armor talent from soldier training make me as safe as I can be. Plus I learned that negate energy force thinggy a while back so tell her to STOP WORRYING. I'll send a photo of me when I get one I really like and she can see how protected I am.



Kinda sad today. Davis had his first year completion party at the officer training school and I really felt out of it, just kinda hanging around on his arm and sorta wishing I was in the "in" crowd, not just a hanger on. ***** it anyway. I dunno what I feel like. You said Dad was always the one for you, but how did you know? I just can't seem to decide, but I feel stupid and lost and half the days I just mope around and watch old holovids and feel teary. I think Koroma figures out there's something wrong, but he's being so sweet. Davis is caught up in the officer thing and pretty clueless, but he's also sweet too. I know he hopes I'll join this year, but I don't feel it's where I should be. Whatever. Sigh. Will life ever be fun again?



OK. Feeling better now. Had a long bath, washed hair and practiced with my new lightsaber for a bit. I am over it now. I'll go to Ji-Ja's party next week with Davis, and then Koroma and I will have that weekend quicksilver-swimming and the I will take a 2 week break from both of them and decide. Thanks for listening and tell Dad hi. Oh, and let him know there's no news yet on the Sabacc trail. After 15 months maybe we should move on to something else. Getting booooriinnngggg!!!!! Love!