File 192-900-RLY-91 (comm) Ellé deVranion



GREAT two days -- thanks for an awesome time. I loved the zero-g dance tank and your OC band rocks! Totally love you baby! Gotta go. Varth is sending us off too somewhere too secret to mention, but it totally rhymes with, um, "Morescant". I also got a field promotions -- no training school for me! Now we're the same rank and you don't get to tell me what to do anymore ... unless I wanna, which I might. Hugs and kisses and plenty more. See you in a few. I'm attaching a one-time pad encrypt with this; beam it off to <anon-233-secur8-prep103343> to send me a message, but PLEASE don't waste it. It cost a fardin' fortune!



I do indeed apologize for not writing earlier. Yes, I undertand there is kinda like a war on and mother gets worried, but I was totally away for a bit. We got back from Nazreen and were away again in, like, two days, max. I spent all that time prepping for the mission and getting the family business in shape. Tell mum I'm waaaaay sorry for not writing before.

So we took a ride to Corsucant, which is nice, but not as nice as Bespin. Of course, we didn't get to see the good parts. As if. Intead we started with a tinpot imperial stooge ripping us off for all sorts of fines and stuff. Then it took me forever to get the luxury upgrade I needed for the ship installed (wasn't that cool cover for why we were visiting Coruscant? Didn't manage to get the rebellion to pay for the upgrade though which would have been STELLAR TO THE MAX). We ended up staying in a dive called Gert's Low Street Hostel. Yeah. It was that bad.

So first stop was find our contact, Tero Reskan (m. human). Form him we learned about an ISB agent, Lesan Dos, and traced him to the Outlander club. We went in secret-like and I did the cute-female-eye-flashy thing. Total waste as Dos was using a decoy. Things went all shooty, but we got his code cylinder and then figured we should stop fooling around as time was no longer on our side. Much the opposite even.

Oh, nearly forgot. We met up with Resh, Darga the Hutt's old lieut. (m. sullustran) -- kind rescued him in a warehouse deal gone bad --and we traded him a ride off planet for info. He's the one got us onto Dos and also told us about a spire where Dos goes off to do sneaky stuff. He's a tough, ugly, nasty brusier, so I hired him. Team Ellé grows another step bigger! Weeee!

So we headed off to this Imeichi spire (don't quote me on the spelling there). It was, like, a gazilion stories high and took major moxy to sneak into, even with the code cylinders. We might have set off some alarms as there was a fair amount of zap-zap time mixed in with riding turbolifts and climbing up half-finished tower systems. We found a Duros prisoner who was designing big generators for the Sarlac project. We were jumped by some imperial Inquisitors, but the inqs were totally unlucky as Dorn blew one away and I force threw another out the window. When their leader showed up a round later, he had no backup and was soon regarding small holes in his chest with a stupid, radidly glazing expression. The total DROYK had rigged the building to collapse and I managed to get out in a small shuttle. Some of the others took a ride down in a protected room which seemed way suicidal to me, but, hey, whatever. They lived.

A nice ending to the story would have us happily departing Corsucant in a new, luxury-upgraded ship, sipping cocktails and listening to some Echo Base & the Bunnymen, but no. As you can tell from the transmit code, we're laying low in some rat-infested dive in a farddin' warehouse somewhere. As far as I cna tell, my ship is still OK and we might be able to get out on it sometime, but for now it's another happy night of bonding with the rats. As if.