File 192-900-RLY-90 (comm) Ellé deVranion



Thanks for the tip, lover-boy -- I hooked up with that fish-head guy you suggested and he is all over supplying muscle and doing a little diversionary activities for me; I have almost established a full supply route back to Daddy in Suarbi. The Correlian trade route is heavily played, but most extra-legal traffic goes hubward through Javin; my route is rim-side through Isis -- my agent there will do the big jump to the Hydian Way and once we get close to Sluis or Seswanna pops can take over the routing. I tried setting up a safe house on Dagobah, but (i) ewwwwww -- swamp planet. ick, and (ii) the trandys I sent there seemed totally spooked out by something small wandering around and stealing their food. From what they describe it might be some kind of midgit renegade force-user. Not worth the hassle.

Well, enough business. Running a syndicate can be so much like shoveling bantha poo. The new news is that the dried-up ancient bat we rescued from the Hutt palace (Denia? Nadia? Something like that) is having another mystic vision and we're off to rescue some people called the Nazren from imperial slavery. There's like, as much information about them in the databases as there is gravity outside the rim, so we're flying in there blind. Parlemian trade route to Centares and then planet number five. Zippy do! I'll be back faster than you can say "A great gaggle of goffbirds gulped a gazillion geonosian gizkas".


Hey cutie,

Or maybe a bit slower. Turns out there were a few itty-bitty issues, like:

I made some friends with some high-placed Nazzies and we put in some creative-accounting administration systems like your cousin set up on Monor II. It looks like solving all of my money worries!

Hey, I'll be back on the Resurgence in 22 hours now. Put on your best clothes, flick your hair back and prepare to have your legs danced off the floor!



What do you mean "can't get away for a few days?" What the glurd does that mean? I don't give a mott's backside what you're doing, but three DAYS. What I am I meant to do???????? I mean REALLLY.

PS: You'd better not be seen with that fat twi'lek thing. I mean SERIOUSLY.



Hey there man, how are you doing? It looks like I've got a few days R&R between missions. Any chance we could hook up later tonight and discuss war stories. Give me the rundown on life as an officer and I'll buy you a drink! I could really do with some relaxation. You know what it's like after a tough few weeks in the zone -- you wouldn't BELIEVE where I picked up some laser burns!

PS: Great picture of you up on the OC 'boards. Obviously you are still doing that hyper-zone training thing. Sweet.