Expedition to the Planes


Having stepped through a door between worlds, at the invitation of Heironeous, the four expeditioners have a chance to acquaint themelves with this new world and settle into life in Sigil. On investigating the city they have found that the Hextorite temple that attacked them (and was eliminated) seems to be the only one in the city, and the Heironean temple they found appears to be the only such temple. It seems that Hextor's attempt to invade the Forgotten Realms is not centered in Sigil, but is based somewhere (or somewheres) in the Astral Sea. Members of the First Temple of Heironeous, Sigil, are trying to find out information to help you. All they currently know is that Hextorites have been ferrying material into the Astral Sea, probably in an attempt to build a base there, as the Astral Sea has very little solid material that has not been claimed and defended.

First Temple of Heironeous, Sigil

This building has been purchased and is owned by the church. It is located in the Guidhall Ward (reminder: guilds are illegals -- this is where they used to be) and looks like it was originally a small guildhall, possibly something dwarven. It is a small structure, consisting of a worship space, which doubles as a practice grounds, a common room, a toilet facility (complete with two everfull bottle for use as showers, one hot, one cold) and seven small rooms, of which one has been converted to a library, one to a study, one to a contemplation room and four serve as bedrooms (three occupied). The occupants are:

Abbot Gratham Bladesure

Affirmed Priest and Hero of the Third Order (referred to as "Father Gratham"). He is a male human, in late middle age and in charge of the temple. As well as the Book of the Code, he has a particular liking for The Book of Penitance, and has been praying for Heironeous to send a paladin to his aid, to become a second Ferrante. Your arrival, on the last day of Marpenoth, is seen by him as a direct prediction, since that corresponds to the Feast of St. Ferrante in Greyhawk. He is fully committed to you, and although technically in charge as the Abbot, he treats the paladins with deference. He considers the non-paladins as heroes too, and since they have been sent by Heironeous, he makes no strong attempts at conversion, as he does not want to interfere in his god's plans for anyone. The abbot had a vision as a younger man and found a cache of holy books, which he read and became a follower of Heironeous, thirty years ago. He arrived in Sigil three years ago.

Julia Desiree

An attractive female fighting monk of The Holy Order of the Supernal Azure Defenders, a group dedicated to purging the world of evil, aberrant races such illithids, beholders, grell, aboleths, and neogi. Technically they are a part of a non-Heironean order called the Azure Defenders, but the abbott found so many similarities between the Azure defenders and a group he read of called the Topaz Defenders, that he has allowed Azure Defenders who are happy to follow Heironeous to remain as part of that group under the combined name given above. Julia can count on half a dozen other Azure Defenders who are Heironeans, as well as (for the right task) a dozen or so non-Heironeans.


A male Deva, who spends much of his time in contemplation. He has no title or affiliation within the church, so is technically called a postulant, however he has stated that he is dedicated to Heironeous. If asked why, he states that he is not sure, but that his memories of former lives compell him to do so, and he trusts those memories implicitly. He is trained as an invoker, and spends almost all of his time in the temple or in the most beautiful buildings in the Lady's Quarter, as he finds architecture the greatest form of art: "Order from disorder, beauty from chaos".

Where to Live and What to Do

There are a number of possibilities that might be of interest. The temple will provide up to two rooms at no cost (only one bed per room -- they're not big, so either a married couple or a single person), and they have an arrangement with a local inn for reduced rates on food. Rooms can be had in the Clerk's Ward, the Market Ward or Guildhall Ward for standard rates. In the Lady's ward it will cost three times normal price and in the Lower Ward half price. In the Hive ward, you would simply fight for a patch of slum in which to fall asleep in the mud. House prices are expensive -- expect to pay five times what you might in other cities. Financing is available.

Hired Muscle

Always in demand; hiring out as guards, assassins, thieves, squad leaders and so on is always possible. Pay is dependent on your skills and most places will take a while before they actually trust you with anything that pays well.

Crafter / Profession / Entertainer

Anyone can start learning a craft, profession and/or entertainment style. You will need to find someone to teach you (unless you already have skill -- any 3.5 ability counts as training) and then will need a place to practice, make and/or sell your ability. You can attempt to find a company or partner to join in with, or set up for yourself. Either will need a different set of challenges to become successful.

Work at the Library

Tharivol expressed an interest in working at the library. They are happy to employ you as a provisional security agent, and give you room and board in your probabationary six months before becoming a full member of the librray staff, after which you will also receive a salary. Your duties will be to protect the library, its contents, visitors and its staff at all times, and to be polite and helpful. After a probationary period, you will be tested on your skills with arcane and historical texts, ability to detect intruders and deal with them, and other such skills. With success you will be promoted to full member and given improved access and rights.

House for Wayward Succubi

Levent has expressed some interest in forming a house of the above name. There are a number of succubbi who might be interested, depending on the exact function of the house. Sigil is, of course, notoriously tolerant of various forms of such houses. It could be set up as a rescue house for succubbi who are hiding from enemies or demons to which they are indebted. It could simply be a hotel / inn designed to appeal to chaotic female planars, or it could be functioning bordello. Setting up and maintaining any of these will involve a number of challenges.

Religious Activities

Of a dubious legality in Sigil, actively seeking converts is a risky business. A more common plan is to simply live a demonstrably admirable life and let people come to you. Therefore there are few people preaching and giving sermons in Sigil, and a lot more healing, helping and providing support. There are also a great number of impressive festivals that attract many curious lookers-on and are used to inform about the tenets of various faiths. Once people have joined a faith, teaching and training see to be allowed by the Lady of Pain. So religous activity is a mix of training the faithful, being generally a nice person, and staging entertainment events of a religous nature.

Relaxation in Sigil

Sigil has everything, plus a little more. Apart from the usual (drinking, dancing, listening to music, poetry, theater, art, playing games) you can also:

Campaign Timeline

Year of the Dark One (1478 DR)

30 Marpenoth (10/30)
Arrive Sigil; Attacked by and defeated Hextorites; Met Father Gratham

5-17 Uktar (11/5-17)
Through gate; investigated Sea Raiders; defeated Hextorite tyrant (full report)

18 Uktar (11/18)
Settling in to life in Sigil (full report)

How the campaign will work

As you work towards the main goal(s) of the campaign (which may well evolve over time), you will have considerable downtime in the city of Sigil. This is not a short-term campaign. As well as completing adventures, you will also establish a new life in Sigil (at least for a while) and essentially have a "complete" life. As well as traditional adventures, there will also be challenges (both simple skill challenges and mini-adventures) as your characters seek to do whatever they want as personal goals. And these may develop and change over time.

To Do: Basics

Convert your character: Your character should be level 17 (which will need a paragon class choice) and should be recognizable as the same character. Feel very free to retheme paragon classes and make minor changes (like renaming a class "Shining blade" and changing a fire effect to be electricity).

Equip your character: Start with a level 18 item, a level 17 item, a level 16 item and the amount of cash that would buy another level 16 item (45,000 gp). Ensure you have a reasonable main attack item (weapon/implement), armor and amulet or other defensive neck slot item. Buying any form of transport will not be necessary.

To Do: Choose a lifestyle

Decide how you will generally live in Sigil; housing, occupation and relaxation. Send me an email with a brief description of wht you want to do -- we'll flesh out details over time.

Where you live: pick a location and style of dwelling. Either rent, start looking for a house to buy, or live where you work (temple, library, bordello, craftshop..)

What you do: you have about six solid days a week to fill. Decide how much you allot to various forms of activity. For example, you might spend 3 days teaching swordplay, 2 days learning origami and a day in religous activities. These "days" are not meant to be real days -- just "about a day of time", so this might actually represent mornings teaching swordplay, afternoons doing origami with a trip to the temple for an hour before dinner.

How you relax: Evenings and one day a week I assume everyone relaxes. Let me know if your character is more driven then that (or less) and change the work times appropriately. For relaxation a general list of things your character enjoys is fine.