Brunel Visualization

bubble map of games in BGG

The visualization project I have been working on for a while is now available! We are making it open source and it is available on GitHub. A live version is available as a demo (may be slow ..) and can be used to create custom visualizations and embed them directly into web pages … like this one!

This is a visualization of some data on board games derived from BoardGameGeek. The data is from March, 2015, and can be found here. The full Brunel for this pair of charts is:

data('') bubble size(voters) tooltip(title,#all) color(rating) sort(rating) legends(none) | data('') treemap x(mechanics) size(#count) color(rating) mean(rating) sort(#count:ascending) label(designer) tooltip(title, #all) list(designer, title) legends(none)

You can read more about Brunel on the demo site

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