Graham and Suzanne Wills and Family

Graham and Suzanne moved to Naperville, Illinois over a decade ago from Ireland. They have two kids, Joshua and Aisling, and are involved in their local church and in Tae Kwan Do. They play soccer and act/direct in local theater, sing, play guitar and enjoy board and role-playing games.

Suzanne is a graphic designer working at Buffington Design. Graham works for SPSS as a researcher and programmer in Visualization and Statistical Graphics.

Graham's Research The representation of data using graphics via statistic graphics and computer visualization
Photo Gallery A selection of photographs of family fun, Community Players shows and other activities
Kairos Kairos is the adult Sunday school class we attend. We discuss a wide range of topics in an open environment
Games We play a wide variety of games, from classical and modern euro-style boardgames, to role-playing games
Links Places we go and businesses we use
Files For uploading and downloading files; not for general use
Contact Information on how to contact us and how to find our house.